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Intersection of the Bikeway with Mill Street, looking south. The relatively light traffic on Mill Street, north of Arlington center,  makes it easy to enter and exit the trail here. Massachusetts Avenue is one block to the west, and the intersection has a traffic signal. Thanks to Doug Mink for this photo.

minutint.jpg (45765 bytes)

Doug Mink photo

The intersection of the Bikeway with Mill Street, looking from the south. The street which parallels the Bikeway in the foreground poses a hazard for bicyclists on the Bikeway. The traffic movement for vehicles in the street is in effect a left turn from the right lane, and drivers have to look both forward and back at the same time for traffic. I suggest that left turns be prohibited. Notice that in this more recent photograph, the wooden barrier between the trail and the street has been removed. I'm not sure when or why. A stop sign has also been erected; there was none in Doug's photo.

023_20A Mill St.jpg (53071 bytes)

Southern end of the northern section of the Minuteman trail in Arlington, looking west. toward Massachusetts Avenue. The banner at the trail entrance is in the upper right corner of the photo. To make a vehicular left turn onto Massachusetts Avenue and rejoin the path, bicyclists would have to cross two lanes of traffic in a half block. This would require riding down over the curb or else turning left toward traffic before turning right, as there is no curb cut in front of the path entrance. Heading north, bicyclists must use the sidewalk, as Route 60 has a median with curbs.

020_17Rte 60.jpg (33603 bytes)

Looking south toward the entrance to the southern section of the trail (brown banner  above trail entrance visible at upper right of photo). Many bicyclists, like those in the center of the photo,  cut through on the diagonal, brick path in the foreground to ride on the west sidewalk of Massachusetts Avenue. They have to cross several driveways to do this. A traffic signal at the intersection just to the left of the photo would make it easier to cross Massachusetts Avenue and travel on its right side.

13arlington end of minuteman south2.jpg (44950 bytes)

Same scene, viewed from the opposite end.  The banner is visible at the top of the photo.  The diagonal cut-through is visible in the background., behind the child who is crossing the street on a bicycle.

11arlington end of minuteman south1.jpg (44859 bytes)