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Highway 370 bridge near St. Louis, Missouri

Bicycle Program and Facilities Recommendations for the St. Louis area

I wrote this report as a follow-up to a seminar on bicycle facilities and programs I gave in St. Louis in August of 1999. Martin Pion, one of my hosts in St. Louis, has posted the report on his Web site.

Bicycling Street Smarts
custom editions

I am the principal author of the Pennsylvania Bicycle Driver's Manual and other online and print custom editions Your organization too may obtain republication rights. Here's how.

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MassBike logo

Bicycling publications on the Massachusetts Bicycle Coalition Web site.

Massachusetts Traffic Laws as they Apply to Bicyclists in the MassBike Laws section

Several book reviews in the Books section

intrographic.jpg (20635 bytes) In the journal Human Power

The massless flywheel (issue 31)

Rotator tandem review (issue 37)

Cycling in outer space (issue 46)

Drive-train efficiency (issue 51)

Spoke tension measurement by musical pitch/tensiometer (issue 53)

League of American Bicyclists 1991 Position Statement on Mandatory Helmet Laws on the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute Web site.

I am the principal author of this position statement, which recommends a pragmatic approach intended to avoid unintended side effects of such legislation.

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Graph illustrating digital sampling

Articles from the Boston Audio Society Speaker on the Boston Audio Society Web site.

Articles page includes links to Another Man from Hope (about loudspeaker manufacturer Paul Klipsch, the most celebrated son of Hope, Arkansas after Bill Clinton) and an analysis of sampling or audio signals.

Presentations for the Web site of the Taiwan Bicycle Industry Research and Development Center

(Note: last three items require Microsoft PowerPoint)

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Eve gets her Apple

Eve gets her Apple and other nonsense formerly on my Geocities site, now on my own

Read my book reviews on

Among others --

Frank Berto, The Birth of Dirt
Jobst Brandt, The Bicycle Wheel
Lynette Chiang, The Handsomest Man in Cuba
Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Flow
John Forester, Effective Cycling

Tony Hadland, The Sturmey-Archer Story
Greg LeMond's Complete Book of Bicycling
Howard Sutherland et al, Sutherland's Handbook for Bicycle Mechanics
Rob van der Plas, Bicycle Technology
Mark Verstegen, Core Performance Essentials

J. Harry Wray, Pedal Power

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