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The National Organization of Bicyclists

TO: John
FROM: Susie Jones
DATE: December 28, 1993
RE: Review of Materials

Enclosed is a recent report from the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). The report has prompted us to set up a meeting with Greg Rodgers, the Directorate for Economic Analysis at CPSC, with three basic goals in mind: 1) To discuss a few of the findings in the report; 2) To strengthen what has been a weak relationship in the past; 3) To educate them in the process.

We would appreciate your comments on the report before our meeting, which we hope to schedule for mid to late January. We are also asking for confidentiality in both the report and your comments to us (i.e., don't put this out electronically until we see where it's going).

Thanks for your help. Feel free to call if you have questions.



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