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A Study of Reported Accidents Occurring
Within Route 128 in 1979 and 1980

Wendy Plotkin, Metropolitan Area Planning Council
Anthony Komornick, Jr., Merrimack Valley Planning Commission
(formerly of Metropolitan Area Planning Council)

Table of Contents | List of Tables | List of figures


  Abstract 1
I. Introduction 2
II. Results of Study - Description of Sample 9
III. Results of Study - Accident Classification 25
IV. Recommendations 36
  Acknowledgements 40
  References 42
  Appendix A: Accident Report Form  
  Appendix B: "Crossing Your Accident Statistics"
-- results of Missoula, Montana study

List of Tables

Table No. Table Title Page
1 Age of Bicyclist 16
2 Traffic Controls Present 19
3 A Comparison of the MAPC Class Data With the Missoula, Montana and National Cross/Fisher Studies 26
4 Revised MAPC Accident Classifications With Selected Crosstabulations 27

List of Figures

Figure No. Figure Title Page
1 Study Area 3
2 Accident Frequency By Month 10
3 Accident Frequency By Day 11
4 Time of Day 13
5 Light Conditions 14
6 Situation For Motorist 20
7 Situation For Cyclist 21
8 Distribution of Accidents By Community 24

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