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Letter from consultant

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Eugene Corvallis 1342 High Street
Suite 3
Eugene, Oregon 97401
[503] 485-5027

July 31, 1979

City of Eugene
Department of Public Works
858 Pearl Street
Eugene, Oregon 97401

Mr. James R. Hanks, Traffic Engineer
Eugene Bicycle Committee

Re: Eugene Bikeways Master Plan Evaluation Project Report


We are pleased to submit our project report for the Eugene Bikeways Master Plan Evaluation.

The principal objective of this project was to analyze the relationship between bicycle accidents, and the bikeway system. Specific emphasis included: the measurement of bicycle usage on all bicycle facilities, analysis of all bicycle accidents, determining the level of accident reporting, development of a program to monitor accidents, evaluation of the existing bikeway system, and evaluation of the City's construction standards, maintenance, and implementation process.

All work on the project was accomplished by team effort. The team consisted of personnel from the Public Works, Planning, and Police Departments, in conjunction with Regional Consultants, Inc.'s staff.

All of this work and effort was performed in an effort to minimize bicycle accidents, and make the bicycling and motoring public aware of the factors involved in bicycle accidents.

We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to assist you in this project. We are especially grateful for the willing cooperation and participation of all City staff, and the members of the Bicycle Committee.

Respectfully submitted


Stephen W. South, A.I.C.P.
Project Manager



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