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The author wishes to express his sincere gratitude to all persons who have assisted him in the conduct of this research. The advice and guidance of Dr. R. C. Loutzenheiser Chairman of his Examining Committee, has been invaluable. Appreciation is also extended to Dr. J. W. Hall and Dr. T. E. Mulinazzi for their constructive criticism and suggestions.

This study and the author's graduate training would not have been possible without the Department of Transportation's Federal Highway Administration which provided financial support and use of its computer facilities.

Special appreciation is expressed to Mr. James J. McDonnell, Chief of the Planning Procedures Branch, and many Branch members who contributed time and effort in his support and Mrs. Connie Houchins, his typist

The author also wishes to thank the League of American Wheelmen and the Washington Area Bicyclist Association for their assistance in distribution and collection of the questionnaire.

Finally, the author wishes to express his thanks to his wife for her patience and sacrifice during the course of this study.