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Characteristics of the Regular Adult Bicycle User -
viewing and printing instructions

Thanks to optical character recognition, the Kaplan study is now available on this site as text as well as page images. To read the text files, click on the titles in the left column of the Table of Contents.

Optical character recognition is not perfect, and there may be some errors despite my proofreading. Be especially careful if you are going to cite numbers! It isn't a bad idea to check against the page images...

The page images are from the original typewritten pages as graphic images (like fax pages), accessible by clicking in  the right column in the hyperlinked table of contents. After viewing each image, click the "back" button in your Internet browser to return to the table of contents.

Be sure to set up your browser to open graphics in the same window as the Web page from which they are linked -- not in a new window. Otherwise, the Back button will not work: you will have to return to the original window to get back to the table of contents.

How to view on the computer screen 

The text files are readable using any Internet browser with a screen width of 600 pixels or more, though some tables and illustrations may be wider. The page images were made at 100 pixels per inch, suitable for  display on a computer screen. Most are in portrait format, 750 pixels wide and 1095 pixels high. Only vertical scrolling is needed to view these pages on an 800 x 600 pixel computer monitor.

In the table of contents, a page number in boldface indicates a page (slightly) larger than the usual 750 by 1095 pixels. A page number in italics indicates that the page is in landscape format (1095 pixels wide, 750 pixels high; viewable in its entirety except for margins on a 1024 x 768 pixel monitor.). 

How to print out

The text version may be printed out from your browser, though the resolution of the embedded images is not as high as for those in the individual page images.

Printing the page images from your browser using default settings may create oversize pages (browsers print at 72 pixels per inch by default, and the pages are scanned at 100 per inch). Configure your printer driver or a graphics application to to fill a letter-sized sheet of paper with the image of each page. To print at full size or nearly so, portrait-formatted pages must be printed in portrait format and landscape-formatted pages (those with the page number in italics) must be printed in landscape format .

All page images except the title page and abstract (pages i through i-c) and the questionnaire (page 108a and 108b) include page numbers..

If you are visually impaired

Use the text files. All graphs and maps have also been converted to tables, so they are fully accessible!

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