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A few words from my mother, Mary S. Allen


Mary S. Allen with
son John S. Allen,
June 2, 1946

Gordon W. Allen photo


Parental Reverie

Dear son, when time has blanched my hair,
Defunct in limb and gland,
I'll huddle in my rocking-chair
And rest my palsied hand; 

And though my wizened lids won't bat,-
(Of course I'll hold my tongue!)
I'll cackle in my tummy at
Your struggles with your young! 

Mary S. Allen 


What goes around, comes around.  John Allen with son Jacob Allen, March 8, 1991

John S. Allen and (fussy baby) son Jacob, March 8, 1991 (9.5 KB JPEG)

Elisse Ghitelman photo

Not yet defunct! The poem and many others are available in the volume Women's Wear, $10 US postpaid within the USA, $15 US outside the USA, from Mary S. Allen, Chambrel at Pinecastle, 1801 SE 24th Road #137, Ocala, Florida 34471, USA.

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