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Arthur M. Brown Memorial Swimming Pool band playing at an afternoon fraternity party
at Dartmouth College, Spring of 1967

Arthur M. Brown Swimming Pool band playing at a Dartmouth College frat party, spring of 1967 (34 KB JPEG)

The band is named after the swimming pool at Middlebury College, where all of the band's members were students. We never played in the swimming pool itself, though we did play in the gym-torium upstairs from it. We played popular rock and roll of the day, and a few of our own compositions.

During a break in our Dartmouth gig, I set my camera up on a tripod and asked a frat member to take a picture of the band. When I developed the film, I discovered that he had made a triple exposure. He probably had thought that the lever which cocked the shutter also wound the film. The mistake gave the photo a certain artistic effect, and in spite of it, all six members of the band are visible.

Jeff Danner (left, three images, he moved around): guitar
Bob Kelman (hat above Jeff's guitar headstock, face not recognizable): vocals and trumpet
Doug Ashby (glasses, above and to the right of the guitar headstock): vocals and tambourine
Rick Hawley (just below and to the right of guitar headstock, facing toward camera): keyboards
Ken Post (center of picture): drums
John Allen (right): 5-string electric bass.

The photo on this page was originally a black-and-white image, but I have colorized it in the spirit of the '60's, using tools of today. 10 minutes with the computer accomplished what took hours in a photographic darkroom back in the '60's (the highly technical in service of the psychedelic, go figure).

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