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Musical projects timeline

1955 Thumbnail image of cello duet with my father, December ,1955 (7.5 KB JPEG) I've been at it a while --

Cello duet with my father,
December, 1955

1967 Thumbnail of Arthur M. Brown Memorial Swimming Pool (9 KB JPEG) I am a musician and an engineer. I compose and arrange music. Besides my cello playing; I have been the bass player and arranger in several rock bands, notably the Arthur M. Brown Memorial Swimming Pool band, when I was a student at Middlebury College. I also play finger-style folk guitar, recorder, and keyboards for purposes of composition.
1971 Thumbnail of harpsichord built 1970-1971 (8 KB JPEG) My first major musical instrument building project, in 1970 and 1971, was a two-manual harpsichord from a Hubbard kit.

Thumbnail image of 31-tone guiatar (5 KB JPEG)

Since then, I have designed and built several innovative and experimental instruments.My interest in tunings and temperaments led me to build an experimental guitar with 31 frets per octave.

Thumbnail image of Notebender Keyboard, 1983 (4.5 KB JPEG)

I have a strong interest in improving musical instrument human interface design. I am the principal inventor of the Notebender Keyboard, which uses longitudinal key motion to permit independent pitch bending on each key.
1995 pitchwhl.gif (5498 bytes) In 1995, I began using Windows sequencing software to compose music. I found much to like about this approach to music-making, but I also found myself much less than satisfied with the editing capabilities of the software (here, a Cakewalk pitch wheel graphic editing window with 1/128 the resolution afforded by the underlying MIDI protocol).
1997 Thumbnail image of microtonal keyboard (4.5 KB GIF) I am presently building a microtonal MIDI keyboard. Expect a description and pictures of the completed controller on this site soon

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