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John S. Allen,
Consultant and expert witness
in bicycle-related lawsuits

An example of my work

The plaintiff's experience
How I reconstructed the accident
The attorney describes the case

My credentials:

Curriculum vitae
Cases in which I have testified

About the role of the expert in litigation

About litigation, and the role of the expert witness
Can litigation coexist with product innovation? --
by David Gordon Wilson

Avoiding product liability risks

Troubling promotion of retroreflective fabric
Retroreflectors -- how they work, what they do and don't do
Handlebar stem designs which invite failure
A hub that failed
Product warning: failure of Pacific Positrack 7000 suspension fork
Aren't cell phones enough already? In-dash DVD video player
President Bush falls off a Segway!

Some issues of cyclists' rights

Traffic signals that don't give cyclists the green
Riding side by side
Hearing, and headphones
Evaluation of Segway law

Other resources relative to expert witness work

Research studies about bicycling
More articles about bicycling
Links to other sites

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