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Location C-G in aerial photo

The crosswalk that connects the Minuteman Trail with Alewife station is one of the most bizarre anywhere in Massachusetts, which has more than its share of bizarre crosswalks.

It appears that the routing of non-motorized traffic between the multi-million dollar station and Arlington was a throwaway item, an afterthought. The crosswalk is extremely long and indirect, crossing  three entryways and two roadways.

There is an angle in the crosswalk in the middle of the street where vehicles turn and drivers must look left to merge with another stream of traffic. The crosswalk flies completely in the face of safe crosswalk design. 

Most bicyclists and pedestrians ignore the route designated by the crosswalk, because other routes are shorter, and possibly safer.

Considering the expense of the station and the volume of traffic entering it, a grade separation would have been appropriate here. It still would be.

The crosswalk at Alewife Station, view from the
second level of the parking garage. Details, details -- the
wheelchair curb cut in the near curb does not line up
with the crosswalk markings. A bicycle parking
area is just underneath the camera
position, inside the station.

9908MN06W36Alewife crosswalk.jpg (23620 bytes)

The bicycle parking area  -- inside the
station across street from location C in aerial photo,

visible to tollbooth attendants and so
relatively secure, if you survive the crosswalk.

9908MN06W37Alewife parking.jpg (19818 bytes)

A closer view showing the the crosswalk's elbow
just where vehicles turn right. The pedestrian
is typically ignoring the routing of the crosswalk.

9905N11R22Crosswalk.jpg (24347 bytes)

The crosswalk seen from the other end. Both pedestrians
are ignoring it.

9905N11R20Crosswalk.jpg (32412 bytes)

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