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Bruce Burgess and Dan Burden


[The page numbers in the right column are
those of the 1978 FHWA publication]

Introduction to Web version  
Table of contents  
Preface to the Web version  
Comments by John S. Allen  
Cover of the FHWA version  
Executive Summary 1-8
Introductory Section  
  The Authors  9
  Acknowledgments 10
  Brief Background 11-12
  Limits of Application 13
  Approach 14
  Background History 15-17
  Purpose of This Report 18-19
Overall Problem  
  Facilities 20
  The Bicyclist 21
  Bicycle/Motor Vehicle Mix 21-22
  The Educator 22
The Bicycle User  
  Bikecentennial Rider Profile 23-25
  Behavior/Attitudes 25-28
  Rate of Response 29
  Data collection, survey design 30
Non-Accident and Accident Rider Profiles  
  Accident Riders 31-32
  Non-Accident Riders 32
  Other Results 32
  Hazard Recognition 32-33
  Important Findings 33-34
The Accidents  
  Accident Rates 35-36
  Sex 36
  Age 36-37
  Regions 37-39
  Cyclists Carrying Equipment 39-40
  Major Accident Causes 40-42
  Accident Reporting 43
  Bicycle/Part Failure 43
  Roadway Condition 43
  Speed, Falls 44
  Severity of Accidents 44-45
  Accident Costs 46
  Types of Injuries 46-47
Motor Vehicle/Bicycle Accidents  
  Rate of MVB Accidents 49
  Type of involvement 49-51
  Types of Vehicles 52
  Time of Day 52
  Coal Trucks 52, 53
  Intersections 53
  Location 53
  Vehicle Design/Accessories 54
  Fatalities 54-62
Bicycles, Equipment, Parts, Accessories  
  The Bicycle 63-64
  Breakdowns 65
  Accessories 66-67
  Safety Accessories 67-69
Roadway Design and Maintenance  
  Rate of Roadway Influenced Accidents 70
  Design of the TransAmerica Trail 71
  Cyclist Preferences 71-74
  Signing 74
  Liability 74-76
  Roadway Classifications 76
  Controlled Access Highways 76-77
Law Enforcement, Rules of the Road  
  Interjurisdictional Uniformity 79
  Local Enforcement 79-80
  Rules of the Road 80
  Police Interviewed 80-81
  Judicial Support 81-82
Appendix a, Bicycling Skills a-1
Appendix b, Safety Check, Maintenance b-1
Appendix c, Data analysis and Maps c-1
Appendix d, Questionnaire  

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