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[This appendix contains page scans of the questionnaire used in collecting the data in the Bikecentennial study. 

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John S. Allen]

Table of Contents of Appendix D, Questionnaire

  small scan (43 kB)
  large scan (128 kB)
Page 2
  Letter from Executive Director Dan Burden
Page 3
  Instructions (continued)
  Questions 1-18, general information about respondents
Page 4
  Questions 9-15, general information (continued)
  Questions 16-20, bicycle information
Page 5: questions 21-33, bicycle information continued
Page 6
  Questions 34-41, bicycle riding habits
  Questions 42-45, riding habits on Bikecentennial tour
Page 7: questions 46-57, riding habits continued
Page 8
  Questions 58-59, Yellowstone and Grand Teton parks
  Questions 60-64, evaluation of Trans-Am trail conditions
Page 9
  Questions 65-67, opinions of hazardous conditions
  Questions 68-74, bicycle trail design preferences
Page 10
  Questions 75-76, bicycle trail design preferences continued
  Questions 77-79, trail design choices
  Questions 80-85, trail characteristics preferences
Page 11
  Questions 86-88, trail characteristics preferences continued
  Questions 89-90, suggestions for future trail development
  Question 91, how many accidents?
  Questions 92-95, accident information
Page 12
  Questions 96-109, Accident information continued
Page 13
  Questions 110-115, accident information continued
  Questions 116-120, conditions on day of accident
Page 14
  Questions 120-123, conditions on day of accident continued
  Questions 125-130, causes of accident
Page 15
  Questions 131-140, causes of accident continued
  Final instructions
Back cover
  Small scan (28 kb)
  Large scan (83 kb)

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